Thangde Gatsal Commissioned for Kalachakra Teachings

The Kalachakra Initiation is the largest Buddhist ritual regularly conferred by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Given annually at different locations around the world, the event attracts tens of thousands of people from all religious faiths. The teaching is dedicated to the promotion of peace and tolerance amongst all people and is considered a special blessing for all those who participate and for the environment in which it is given.

One of the major projects recently completed by Thangde Gatsal consisted of four large thangka paintings commissioned for the worldwide Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Teachings held in Graz, Austria in October 2002. Beginning in November 2001, four students of Thangde Gatsal along with the master, Lobsang Choegyal, worked on these thangkas, which feature illustrations of Buddha Sakyamuni, the mythical kingdom of Shambala, a Kalachakra Mandala, and a yab-yum depiction of Kalachakra with his consort Vishvamata. The four 11’ x 6’ paintings took nearly a year to complete, and hung behind the throne of the Dalai Lama throughout the ceremony.

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